Book Corners Program in Henan Province:

  • A recent visit to Lankao County, Henan Province shed lights on the Book Corner program in eight primary schools in three townships. The books in all schools are well used, and some popular titles are worn out. ... (read more)

An Eco-School Program Will Start in Dongxiang County, Gansu Province:

  • In December 2016, Zigen has signed an agreement with the Education Bureau of the Dongxiang Nationality Autonomous County for implementing teacher’s training and eco-school program in Dongxiang. In the next few years ... (read more)

Miao Women's Weaving Group in Nanmeng Village:

  • Miao weaving and other handicraft has a great cultural significance and is associated with Miao women’s labor. However, due to recent swift urbanization and the consolidation of rural schools ... (read more)

Conference on Health Education of Adolescent Girls:

  • On Sept 21,2016, a conference on Health Education of Adolescent Girls, Project Review and Experience Sharing was held in Jiuhe Middle School ... (read more)

2016 Rural English Teachers Training Program:

  • Judy Manton, long-time friend of Zigen, had volunteered for Zigen’s Rural English Teachers’ Training Program since 2004, almost every year. She has been well-travelled to Zigen project sites in Guizhou, Shanxi and Hebei provinces. ... (read more)

Visiting a Disadvantaged Student’s Family:

  • The Gaopa Village is an ancient village of the Miao Minority located in the rugged mountains of Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. The rice fields here have meager harvest and villagers are economically disadvantaged. ... (read more)

ZBAT (Zigen Bay Area Team) has started:

  • At the end of May 2015, several Zigen long time supporters met with Ms. Pat Yang during her Bay Area visit. Mr. Harry Naping Lee started ZBAT (Zigen Bay Area Team) with three supporters in July. ZBAT has doubled its membership as of October. ... (read more)

Fundraising effort by high school students in Boston:

  • This past summer (2105), several Acton Boxborough high school students came together in hopes of raising money for impoverished areas in rural China. ... (read more)

2014 Charitable Event ( 哈佛茶話會 ):

  • Topic: Forty Years of Exploration and Conservation in China
  • Speaker: Dr Wong How Man (Founder of China Exploration and Research Society)
  • Time: October 11, 2014, Saturday
  • Place: Harvard University
  • Tickets: Free. Donations welcome!      (read more)
    (English flyer, Chinese flyer)

We are hiring:

  • If you're dedicated and ready to work for a nonprofit organization that promotes human centered and sustainable development in China, we have an opening for an associate officer. ... (read more)

Zigen's Recent Organizational Achievement:

  • Zigen won the highest level - 4A rank for social organizations as rated by Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C. ... (read more)

Zigen's Recent Organizational Achievement:

  • Zigen Qualified for Tax exemption for Charitable Donations in China: According to the published announcement of 03/08/2013 by the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Zigen qualified for the tax exemption of charitable donations. .... (read more)

Zigen's Recent Organizational Achievement:

  • Zigen is honored with “2013 Annual Excellent Transparency Award for Chinese Charitable Organizations ” .... (read more)

Zigen's Recent Organizational Achievement

  • Zigen's chairperson, Pat Yang, received “Person Influencing China Award 2012” , awarded by China Newsweek ... (read more)

Looking for Chinese-English bi-lingual volunteers for Rural English Teacher’s Training Program: Zigen is looking for Chinese-English bi-lingual volunteers to join our to be decade-long Rural English Teacher’s Training Program (ETT) ... (read more)

Zigen Boston New Year Benefit Concert Successfully Held: On March 3rd 2013, Zigen New Year Benefit Concert was held successfully at Harvard's Sanders Theatre. It was a remarkable musical event among the Chinese community in Boston. ... (read more)

Participatory poverty alleviation project: Tianjiacha Village is a poor village in a remote mountainous area in Shanxi Province. Since the Spring of 2008, Zigen, in cooperation with Shilou County government, has been working on a "participatory poverty alleviation" project.... (read more)

Why there are migrant children schools: Since 2002, the City of Beijing has introduced a total of 11 policies to provide free school educations to children of migrant workers. The plan is to send the most of the city’s migrant children to public schools by year 2012. However, many factors ... (read more)