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2014 Charitable Event:


By: Dr Wong How Man

Time: October 11, 2014, Saturday

Place: Harvard University

Tickets: Free. Donations welcome!

(English flyer, Chinese flyer)

Spanning forty years of exploration career in China and its neighboring countries, Wong would bring back memories of his early days working in China from 1974 as a young journalist, including six major expeditions he led for the National Geographic, culminat- ing in his epic discoveries in defining the most important river sources of Asia, the Yang- tze, the Mekong, the Yellow River and the Salween (Nu Jiang). His study of the Islamic frontiers of China predates the world’s interest in this topic.

In conservation, he would explain through real cases that he implemented to preserve China’s fragile natural and cultural heritage. From using NASA’s Space Shuttle Imaging Radar to locate lost city on the Silk Road to preserving Hanging Coffins of the extinct Bo People and restoring ancient Tibetan monastic murals, Wong will cite examples to inspire the audience. He also leads efforts to study and preserve many endangered flagship spe- cies of animals like the Tibetan Antelope, Wild Yak, Snub-nosed Monkey, Musk Deer and Black-necked Crane.

Wong advocates and practices what he called “Equitable Conservation” with innovation, something he feels future conservationists should embrace. Such defining work marks the watershed between traditional conservation and a modern one.

Using his journalist background, Wong carries his message to the world through many documentary films including several features in Discovery Channel. His work was fea- tured on the Front page of the Wall Street Journal and he was honored by Time Magazine as one of their 25 Asian Heroes. He has also been featured over a dozen times on CNN, and was the focus of a half-hour interview in Al-jazeera TV.



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