By Julia Xie

This past summer, several Acton Boxborough high school students came together in hopes of raising money for impoverished areas in rural China. Their parents suggested them to associate with Zigen Fund for its reputation of integrity. The students set a goal of $1000 donation through various yard sales. During the summer, the students planned, organized, and executed three yard sales. There were far more work than they had expected and they wondered whether to continue or to quit almost after each sale. They persisted and reached their goal of $1000 with the support of their parents, community and Zigen volunteers. Through their efforts, they created Acton Boxborough High School Zigen Helpers that they hope will continue in subsequent summers, possibly past their time at their high school. The money will support the financial aid to students in poverty, books for reading programs, and environmental related activities in one of the rural schools in Hebei, located at the foot of the Great Wall, where the villagers are of Manchurian minority nationality in China.

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