By Zhang Haiyan

Judy Manton, long-time friend of Zigen, had volunteered for Zigen’s Rural English Teachers’ Training Program since 2004, almost every year. She has been well-travelled to Zigen project sites in Guizhou, Shanxi and Hebei provinces.

In August of 2016, the Rural English Teachers’ Training was held at a new location, namely, the training center at Hebei Normal University. Sixty trainees from rural schools of twenty-six counties participated the two-week long training session. Judy Manton teamed up with Cynthia Wiseman, associate professor of Borough of Manhattan Community College, Zhang Yuan, Jenny Cho and Wenxin Zhang for this occasion.

The trainers used a multitude of participatory teaching methods, such as role playing, games, singing, and multimedia. Many participants said the two-week training had been a transforming experience. After the training, they say they are no longer afraid of making mistakes while speaking in English, and have more confidence to express themselves in English. They also greatly appreciate the devotion and professionalism of the training team.

While members of the training team paid their own travel expenses, Zigen and the training center of Hebei Normal University supported and organized the program.

滋根举办2016 年暑期英语教师培训


2004 年至今,滋根邀美国退休英Judy,在滋根目地州、山西、河北等地开展暑期村英。今年8 月,滋根与河北范大学教教育中心合作,Judy 的培训团队河北26 个的60 名英师进行培

从8 月5 日开始,期两周。8 月5 日下午,Judy、 Cynthia 和卓燕妮三位和三位助教着学员们开展了此次培的破冰活。破冰活很吸引人,有新的自我介Name Chain,考验词汇量的Connect the Dragon,句子接成故事Pass a Long History,以及制作属于自己的最独特的名卡。大家都很享受些有趣的,学也很快熟悉起来。


多年来,Judy、Cynthia 等老师总是不辞辛,不万里来到中国,走到最偏缺乏培机会的县给师们带正的英,参加村英师们在英听、、写及教学技能方面都得到了很大的提升。

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