Dr. Rebecca Shui-Chun So grew up in Hong Kong with
her family origin from Shunde in Guangdong Province of China. In the late
1950’s, Rebecca attended the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, and
graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1964. After her
graduation, Rebecca returned to Hong Kong and worked as a teaching assistant
for a couple of  years in the Department
of Chemistry, Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Subsequently she was awarded a special scholarship for scientific research in
Japan. In the 1960’s, she came to the United States to pursue advanced studies
in chemistry and received her doctoral degree in Physical Chemistry from Ohio
University (Athens, Ohio) in 1972. Dr. So had devoted her entire life to
scientific research and teaching. She worked in the Department of Chemistry,
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL., and in Nestle Co.,  New Milford, Connecticut, where she retired
after over 20 years of service. During her tenure at Nestle, she was awarded
several patents. After her retirement, Rebecca returned to Chicago to care for
her aging mother until her death in 2006.

Dr. Rebecca So was a person of high morality. She
was a genuine scientist and an unpretentious person with modest and gentle
manners. Rebecca passed away in June 2018 and in her will, she had instructed
her younger sister Carol So Chow to donate a generous share (US $115,000) to
the Zigen Fund from her Trust, for supporting education of poor children in
remote areas of China. Her generosity and kindness are deeply appreciated.

On behalf of the children and students in the remote rural areas of Mainland China supported by the Zigen Fund, we would like to dedicate our sincere gratitude in memory of Dr. Rebecca Shui-Chun So and her surviving sister, Carol So Chow, and family, and wish them a peaceful and happy life in the coming years.


蘇瑞珠博士(Dr. Carol So Chow)與先生周兆禧博士(Dr. Lorac Chow)

特別致謝: 蘇瑞珍博士

苏瑞珍博士,祖籍广东顺德。五十年代后期,作为香港侨生到台湾升大学,毕业于台湾成功大学化工系。毕业后返回香港在香港中文大学崇基学院化学系任助教,并得到特别奖金去日本科研。六十年代留学美国,在俄亥俄州立大学Ohio University (Athens)获得物理化学博士学位(Ph.D., Physical Chemistry)。苏博士曾在芝加哥大学化学系任研究员,并任职于雀巢公司 (Nestle, New Milford, Connecticut) 研究部门二十余年直至退休,为公司取得数项专利权。退休后返回芝加哥奉侍高年母亲直到2006年母亲去世。


滋根基金会谨代表中国大陆偏远乡村地区受滋根教育资助的儿童少年学生们衷心感谢苏瑞珍博士, 苏瑞珠女士及家人,并祝福全家平安福乐。

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